Pre-Trip post!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Brenna Eldredge and I am a second year student at Everett Community College. I run for the EvCC Cross Country and Track team and (after these credits) will be graduating this summer with my AA. I am going on this trip because it is an amazing opportunity. I was presented with this trip as a gift from a relative and it was something that I absolutely could not pass up. The ability to travel  to another country with a school is wonderful because you get to travel with people who have similar experiences and interests as you. While on this trip, I think that I will learn how other people live. I have only traveled out of the country to Canada and Mexico. Canada is socially and structurally very similar to the U.S. and when in Mexico I was only in very tourist geared areas. I have not been exposed to diverse ways of living and landscape. This sounds petty, but one thing I learned about Costa Rica is where it is located! I had committed to this trip and made my payments and never really bothered to look at where it actually was on a map. I figured it was down in either Central America or South America, but had no idea! It turns out that it is actually in Central America located under Nicaragua and just above Panama and has the best child health care system today!


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