Costa Rica-less (Difficult moment of the trip)

So this past Friday the absolute worst thing that could have happened- did. I was given a wonderful opportunity to study abroad this spring in Costa Rica with a study abroad program from my Community College. I was set to leave for my trip on Friday, June 14, and had spent the whole week prior packing and making sure that I had absolutely everything I needed and just focusing all of my efforts on this trip! It was the morning of my departure and I went online to check in for my flight and I couldnt believe it. My passport expired in three days. Three days!! That is the first and the most essential piece of traveling that you deal with and I had neglected it!!! I couldnt even fathom the date!!! I had called home to ask my family months ago if I had a valid passport and it didnt even occur to us that I had gotten mine when I was under 16 so it expired 5 years earlier then all theirs- especially since my parents had just returned from a trip to Italy in the fall and my sister had gone to England for spring break. Regardless though- I should have drove home to double check for myself but you learn from your mistakes. I just wish this was one mistake that I didnt have to learn for myself 😦
I spent the next several hours calling the U.S. Passport agency and seeing if there was anything I could do to make my flight! I was on the phone with a lady and after explaining my situation she says “alright Miss and when is your flight?” and when i replied “Tonight at 7:15” all she said was “oh…ouch.” I lost it and just started sobbing.
So, where I sit now is I have purchased a flight for this coming Tuesday, and have made the earliest available appointment this coming Monday to try and get a new passport. If they are able to make me a passport same day- then I will fly out Tuesday and meet up with my group on Wednesday and get to salvage a portion of the trip. My fate lays in the passport. If they cannot make my passport on Monday, then I am done. I cannot afford to purchase ANOTHER airline ticket and this whole trip will be done. This wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be done.
I am not an extremely religious person- but I am praying. I wish my post could be about me being at the airport nervous for the flight or describing what I see when I land- but its not.
I hope and pray that my next post will be though, and I am very jealous and humbled by all of those who were able to make it there.
Thank you for listening!



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